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How secure are passwords?
As a practical matter, passwords are among the least secure methods for authentication and authorization. It does not take a hacker long to guess passwords used by most people most of the time. It's hard to invent a strong password by yourself. This page provides passwords that foil dictionary attacks. If you request a long password, the passwords can foil even the most sophisticated attacks.

Authenticator also computes for you the number of guesses that will, on average, get the passwords you generate. By default we set the password length at 8 characters. If you can go to 12 to 15 characters you will be much better protected. The length limit is 32 chcharacters. About 22 characters is as good as a 128 bit symmetric cypher which would be considered uncrackable by any method known publicly.

The passwords are delivered using the SSL that your browser supports for secure communication.

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